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represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/old english sheepdog
Old English Sheepdog
black pug note increased concern dog welfare
represented dog photographers/pyrenean sheepdog
Pyrenean Sheepdog
represented dog photographers/weimaraners
shih tzu/shih tzu jpeg jpg outdoors outside sitting
Shih Tzu, jpeg, jpg, outdoors, outside, sitting, heidi hudson, undocked, natural tail
represented dog photographers/matt wilson/bernese mountain dog
Bernese Mountain Dog
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/rhodesian ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/standing profile mini outside grass
standing, profile, mini, outside, grass
kennel club art collection/lady wavertrees pomeranians
Lady Wavertree's Pomeranians
diane pearce/working group/hovawart
diane pearce/utility group/mexican hairless
Mexican Hairless
diane pearce/toy group/affenpinscher
diane pearce/pastoral group/belgian shepherd dog malinois
Belgian Shepherd Dog-Malinois
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/pyrenean mountain dog chien montaigne
Pyrenean Mountain Dog (chien de Montaigne)
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/afghan hound afghan greyhound
Afghan Hound (afghan greyhound)
represented dog photographers/michael trafford/pekingese
represented dog photographers/matt wilson/boxer park
represented dog photographers/matt wilson/boxer laying floor
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/papillion
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/spaniel springer
diane pearce/working group/st bernard
St. Bernard
diane pearce/utility group/great danes
Great Danes
diane pearce/utility group/great dane puppy
Great Dane Puppy
diane pearce/gundog group/kooikerhondje noncc
Kooikerhondje (Noncc)
diane pearce/toy group/note increased concern dog welfare organisations
diane pearce/terrier group/english toy terrier
English Toy Terrier
diane pearce/terrier group/kerry blue terrier
Kerry Blue Terrier
diane pearce/gundog group/retriever golden manchester terriers
RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) and Manchester Terriers
diane pearce/hound group/fox terrier puppy
Fox Terrier Puppy
diane pearce/terrier group/west highland white terriers
West Highland White Terriers
diane pearce/terrier group/west highland white terrier
West Highland White Terrier
diane pearce/pastoral group/welsh corgi pembroke
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)
diane pearce/hound group/foxhound
diane pearce/hound group/dachshund miniature wire haired
Dachshund (Miniature Wire-Haired)
diane pearce/hound group/beagle
hungarian vizsla
Hungarian Vizsla
walking dog
walking dog
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/welsh corgi pembroke
welsh Corgi- Pembroke
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/spaniel english springer
Spaniel-English Springer
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/spaniel cocker
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/soft coated wheaten terrier
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/rottweilers
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/poodle standard
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/parson russell terrier
Parson Russell Terrier
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/dobermann
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/collie rough
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/crossbreed
represented dog photographers/nick ridley/belgian shepherd dog tervueren
Belgian Shepherd Dog-Tervueren
represented dog photographers/michael trafford/basset griffon vendeen petit
Basset Griffon Vendeen-Petit
represented dog photographers/michael trafford/griffon bruxellois
Griffon Bruxellois
represented dog photographers/michael trafford/bullmastiff
represented dog photographers/michael trafford/german spitz klein
German Spitz-Klein
represented dog photographers/matt wilson/bernese mountain dog
Bernese Mountain Dog
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/german shepherd dog
German Shepherd Dog
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/staffordshire bull terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/shar pei
Shar Pei
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/scottish terrier
Scottish Terrier
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/irish red white setter
Irish Red and White Setter
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/cairn terrier
Cairn terrier
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/gordon setter
Gordon Setter
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/hound borzoi portrait straight
hound, borzoi, portrait, straight
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/spaniel field
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/shih tzu
Shih Tzu
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/dalmatian
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/schnauzer mini
represented dog photographers/lynn kipps/french bulldog
French Bulldog
represented dog photographers/farlap/running walking profile grass black grey
running, walking, profile, grass, black, grey, fluffy
represented dog photographers/farlap/couple small cute fluffy studio pair inside
couple, small, cute, fluffy, studio, pair, inside, two
represented dog photographers/farlap/collie rough puppy
Collie-Rough puppy
represented dog photographers/david dalton/beauceron
represented dog photographers/david dalton/australian silky terrier
Australian silky terrier
represented dog photographers/david dalton/portuguese podengo
Portuguese Podengo
represented dog photographers/david dalton/gundog standing small alert looking white
gundog, standing, small, alert, looking, white, brown, forrest, outside, sutumn
represented dog photographers/david dalton/couple family pair terrier two studio
couple, family, pair, terrier, two, studio
represented dog photographers/david dalton/boxer stood stacked outside
represented dog photographers/david dalton/outside hound alert field delletna brown
outside, hound, alert, field, dell'etna, brown, pointy ears
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/spaniel american cocker
Spaniel-American Cocker
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/rottweiler
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/spaniel cocker
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/pomeranian
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/japanese chin
Japanese Chin
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/pyrenean mastiff
Pyrenean Mastiff
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/boston terrier
Boston Terrier
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/azawakh
represented dog photographers/carol ann johnson/dalmatian
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/white autumn leaves forrest outside grass
white, autumn, leaves, forrest, outside, grass, white
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/outside grass brown white
outside, grass, brown, white
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/standing profile outside grass brown white
standing, profile, outside, grass, brown, white
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/field black tan outside grass
field, black, Tan, outside, grass
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/epagneul nain phalene non kc breed
Epagneul Nain Phalene NON KC BREED
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/sitting rocks wire outside grass brown
sitting, rocks, wire, outside, grass, brown
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/small cute puppies grass outside
small, cute, puppies, grass, outside
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/standing terrier black profile trees outside
standing, terrier, black, profile, trees, outside, grass
celia haddon/celia haddon collection
The Celia Haddon Collection
diane pearce/utility group/french bulldog
French Bulldog
diane pearce/working group/st bernard
St Bernard
diane pearce/working group/giant schnauzer
Giant Schnauzer
diane pearce/working group/giant schnauzer puppy
Giant Schnauzer Puppy
diane pearce/working group/newfoundland


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