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An Early Canine Meeting

Signed and dated 1855
Oil on canvas 29 x 37 ins
This is one of the most historic of all dog paintings. It depicts a scene at Jemmy (or Jimmy) Shaw's Queen's Head Tavern in 1855. Leads, as they were sometimes called, bridge the gap between the early baiting and fighting sports and dog shows, as we now know them. It shows Shaw and many of his regulars, all men, for the ladies had their own shows held in more genteel surroundings. A number of early breeds are shown - Bulldogs, Bull Terriers, Black and Tan Terriers and Toy Spaniels. The walls are covered with prints depicting aspects of sporting life, including boxing, for Shaw was a skillfull lightweight pugilist of his day.
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Date: 4th August 2009

Credit: R Marshall

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