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crufts 2019 best breed gundog
Crufts 2019 - Best of Breed / Gundog
#media dmcs-18828483
crufts 2019/crufts 2019 best breed utility
Crufts 2019 - Best of Breed / Utility
#media dmcs-18787838
diane pearce/gundog group/rottweiler
#media dmcs-18376754
crufts 2018/crufts 2018
Crufts 2018
#media dmcs-14727688
crufts historical/obedience winner crufts 1967
Obedience Winner at Crufts 1967
#media dmcs-18233285
represented dog photographers/alice van kempen/american akita
American Akita
#media dmcs-10672336
crufts 2018/2018 best breed weimaraner
2018 Best of Breed WEIMARANER
#media dmcs-14689714
crufts studio images/stock images stock kcpl kcpl stock commerical
#media dmcs-10675632
borzois/miss edith muriel robinson
Miss Edith Muriel Robinson
#media dmcs-11582724
crufts 2018/discover dogs best booth hound group awarded
Discover Dogs Best Booth : Hound Group awarded to Deerhound Club Judges: Jim
#media dmcs-14791004
crufts 2018/vulnerable breeds
Vulnerable Breeds
#media dmcs-14727703
crufts 2018/2018 best breed staffordshire bull terrier
2018 Best of Breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier
#media dmcs-14683329
crufts 2018/crufts 2018
Crufts 2018
#media dmcs-14683628
crufts 1950 st bernard
Crufts 1950 St Bernard
#media dmcs-14088451
groomed outdoors outside poodle dog stacked
A group of various Poodles
#media dmcs-11202843
crufts 2016/crufts 2016
Crufts 2016
#media dmcs-11780816
dog music sheets/poodle polka
Poodle Polka
#media dmcs-11300857
kennel club art/fox terriers newstead abbey
Fox Terriers at Newstead Abbey
#media dmcs-10644870
crufts studio images/crufts 2013 norfolk terrier nick ridley
#media dmcs-10675336
kennel club art/entente cordiale
Entente Cordiale
#media dmcs-10644908
kennel club art/suntop english setters
Suntop English Setters
#media dmcs-11463087
crufts 2017/reserve best winner
Reserve Best in Show Winner
#media dmcs-13404185
crufts 2017/crufts 2017
Crufts 2017
#media dmcs-13435645
crufts 2017/crufts 2017
Crufts 2017
#media dmcs-13436159
crufts 2017/crufts 2017
Crufts 2017
#media dmcs-13482084
crufts 2017/crufts 2017
Crufts 2017
#media dmcs-13435649
crufts 2016/crufts 2016
Crufts 2016
#media dmcs-11783602
kennel club art/open door
The Open Door
#media dmcs-10644838
crufts 2016/heelwork musiv ac dc handler irena iatvankova
Heelwork to Musiv AC/DC Handler Irena IA¡tvankova and border collie, Mystic Layla
#media dmcs-11786337
crufts 2016/crufts 2016
Crufts 2016
#media dmcs-11781243
crufts 2016/gamekeepers competition
Gamekeepers Competition
#media dmcs-11789799
crufts 2016/pastoral group
Pastoral Group
#media dmcs-11786840
crufts 2016/borzoi best breed winner crufts 2016
Borzoi Best of Breed Winner Crufts 2016
#media dmcs-11988343
kennel club art/early canine meeting
An Early Canine Meeting
#media dmcs-10644868